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David de la Puerta from The Tolly Group was kind enough to inform me that they have just released report on the Virtual Desktop implementation of VMware View 3 Premier and Citrix XenDesktop 2.1.

I think it seems to be a thorough test which has been done to create a background for the report. What i do like about this report is that is has a new angle to the review process, instead of how many concurrent users will the solution hold, it seems very much that the focus has been to find the most easy to setup and easy to use platform.

The key findings as to why VMware View 3 Premier is the better choice is the following:

  1. Installed more rapidly and with considerably fewer steps and less manual intervention
  2. Provides simpler image management that makes more efficient use of disk
  3. Requires no manual configuration of Microsoft AD or DHCP
  4. Allows management of all VDI functions through a single Web-based GUI
  5. Provides equivalent end-user experience on LAN as Citrix for Microsoft Office applications.

So all in all a very different perspective to the benchmarking of products, but again all the angles and perspectives gives a clearer view on the topic at hand, and i think there can be no doubt that the Virtual Desktop implementation, sizing and management is going to have a strong focus over the next couple of years.

You can find the report here: http://www.tolly.com/DocDetail.aspx?DocNumber=209101

My personal remarks to the report will also have to include that i never liked comparing guns to bows and arrows and in my oppinion VMware View 3 is better compared with the XenDesktop version3 which has just been released, however as the focus has been on the implementation and not the typical feature-race, i think the report is still very much valid. I have not done a similar test myself, so for now i will keep my focus on independent reports like the The Tolly Group report, and the http://VirtualRealityCheck.net which i have also mentioned earlier. (edited, the tests were conducted in early december 2008, thats why the XenDesktop 2.1 was the latest available.)

On a side note, The Tolly Group is working on a series of “Best Practice” guides for Virtual Server performance, and are looking for input from the virtualization community, you can get more information her: http://www.tolly.com/DocDetail.aspx?DocNumber=RFP1101

René Vester

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